Hama "DIT2010MBT" Digital Hi-Fi Tuner, Internet radio/DAB+/FM/app control


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This hybride radio unifies three radios: DAB+, Internet radio and classic analogue radio. DAB+ allows you to enjoy the ultimate audio experience and superior sound quality. Rock around the world - at any time, whether...

This hybride radio unifies three radios: DAB+, Internet radio and classic analogue radio. DAB+ allows you to enjoy the ultimate audio experience and superior sound quality. Rock around the world - at any time, whether digital or analogue, with the fantastic sound of your home hi-fi system. 




With the coming of internet radio, all musical boundaries have been abolished. And just so that you don’t always have to go back and look for that one station with the hot samba rhythms, you can save your favourite stations in the device’s 30 memory slots. Use the free radio portal Frontier Silicon to constantly discover new stations and manage your favourites. After registering on the portal, you can search through the station archive using various filters, try out stations, and create your own favourites list from the stations listed there. The favourites list is then synchronised in a matter of seconds with your radio, or even with others via the vTuner database.


DAB and DAB+ radio bring the world of music to you in top-notch quality, free of interruptions, static and distortions. Stations from your region and from all over Germany transmit on DAB and DAB+. The DAB version of a station often provides interesting additional information, such as the date, frequency, current bit rate, signal strength, or DLS – a scrolling marquee text that displays station information. Whether it’s Bavarian brass band music, rapping from the Ruhr, or sea shanties from Hamburg, you can save the best of them in the 30 memory slots.

You can also leave the bother of finding stations to the automatic station search. This feature saves any interference-free stations it finds during its scan in alphabetical order.


If you’d rather listen to your favourite radio programme just like back in the old days of FM, no problem! The advantage of FM: It just works – without all the digital bother. This feature also includes 30 slots for saving your favourite stations.

Spotify Connect gives you access to millions of songs and pre-assembled playlists. You can listen to them on your radio, on the go using your smartphone, or at your PC.


The amplifier and speakers can be hooked up using RCA connectors or to the digital out using optical or coaxial cables. And if the world outside isn’t enough, you can connect the tuner to your network for streaming. But you can also transmit music from your smartphone, tablet or PC to the hi-fi tuner in a snap using the wi-fi stream feature. When your friend brings you the latest hot album on a USB stick, just plug it in and listen to the whole thing right then and there – if it’s good, that is. An AUX IN allows you to connect mp3 players, smartphones, etc. to extend your music collection even further.

Whether you want loud, quiet, bass or treble, the built-in equaliser will let you adjust the sound texture to perfectly suit your preference.
And if your neighbour isn’t as keen on listening to your favourite songs at top volume as you are... Headphones on and it’s all good.


A built-in alarm clock will make your mornings much more pleasant – coaxing you out of bed with Caribbean rhythms or Ibiza house. And if you’re just not ready yet, you can hit the snooze to sleep just a little bit longer. But in that case maybe it better be heavy metal! And even if you can’t bear listening to music in the morning, there’s also just a simple beep alarm. In case you and your partner have to get up at different times, you can set two different alarm times right away – instead of having to re-set the alarm when you’re half-asleep.


And if the huge range of music on offer doesn’t already have you dancing about the place, feel free to stay seated on the couch, zapping through the stations with the remote control, looking for that station with the chill-out lounge.

More product information

  • Hi-fi equipment at a new level: digital radio enjoyment via DAB, DAB+ and Internet radio or network streaming in a connected home
  • Hi-fi tuner for receiving digital radio stations via FM/DAB/DAB+ or the Internet radio
  • Compatible with UNDOK multi-room - allows playback on several devices in the same network
  • 2.8" TFT colour display (320x240px)
  • High-quality hi-fi metal housing
  • Easy to exchange antennas for receiving WLAN, DAB/FM and Bluetooth

    Internet radio
  • Worldwide reception of more than 20,000 radio stations and approx. 10,000 podcasts
  • Create your own favourite lists or add missing stations via the comfortable web interface of vTuner
  • 30 local storage spaces for your favourite Internet radio stations, independently of the vTuner portal

  • Multiple broadcasters can be received throughout Germany and regional radio stations in digital quality via DAB/DAB+
  • 30 favourite storage spaces each for DAB/DAB+ and FM

  • Bluetooth for music transmission from a smartphone, tablet and PC
  • Stereo L/R RCA
  • Optical & coaxial digital output
  • Headphone jack
  • Line Out & Line In
  • USB port for playing back external data carriers
  • RJ45 Ethernet connection
  • Wireless connection thanks to wireless LAN technology IEEE 802.11 b/g/n

    Other matters
  • Control via "UNDOK" app using a smartphone/tablet PC
  • Network streaming via WLAN and LAN
  • Time synchronization via FM/DAB/DAB+ or the Internet
  • 2 alarm storage spaces with independent alarm modes (radio/alarm tone)
  • Sleep timer

What's in the Box

  • 1 "DIT2010MBT" digital hi-fi tuner
  • 1 remote control
  • 2 AAA batteries
  • 1 Spotify flyer
  • 1 quick reference guide
  • 1 WiFi antenna (SMA)
  • 1 DAB/FM antenna (F coaxial)
  • 1 Bluetooth antenna (SMA)

Note for Consumers

DAB/DAB+ coverage is being expanded in numerous countries. You can inform yourself on the Internet or contact specialist dealers to get a current coverage overview. At www.worlddab.org you will get a general overview of the worldwide network development. 

Please note that the "V2" version has been delivered since December 2016. This version comprises an additional BT modul that allows you to stream music from a smartphone, PC or tablet to the tuner. 
Multi-room is included with the V1 and V2 and compatible with all Hama radios and tuners that are marked accordingly. Numerous other suppliers are also compatible with these products. 

For Internet radio you need Internet connection via WLAN or cable. 
Spotify Connect requires a Spotify Account that is subject to a charge (test access for new customers possible, depends on the current offer of Spotify). 

- DLNA compatible/UPnP/WLAN


2 Years Guarantee, 6 Month Warranty


Design (Colour, Pattern, Motif, Series)

Colour Black


Power Supply

Internal Power Supply

Connectivity (Connection)


Headphone Jack/LAN (RJ-45)/Line Out (3.5 mm)/Line-In (3.5 mm)/RCA Socket/S/P DIF Coaxial, RCA/S/P-DIF Optical, Toslink/USB A 2.0 Socket



PIM (Internal Control)

Power connector plug type

Euro Plug, Type C (CEE 7/16)

Size & Weight

Width x Depth x Height

43 x 30 x 7 cm


2810 g

Electrospecific Properties

Bluetooth Version

2.1 + EDR/3.0/4.0


Bluetooth/DAB/DAB+/FM/Internet Radio

Field of Application

Produkt Type

Hybrid Tuner

Recommended Use

Hi-Fi Component

Physical Properties




Spotify Connect/UNDOK App Control/UNDOK Multiroom/UPnP/Wifi-Stream (DLNA compatible)