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Samsung Flip WM55H Interactive board - 55"

nuo €2,279.00

At a Glance The Samsung Flip is an innovative digital flipchart that helps to drive more productive and efficient business collaboration without the hassle. With the Samsung Flip interactive UHD display, your team can work smarter, faster and better. Business meetings can take place anywhere, anytime, and you can take...

Shelf Edge Video Strips

nuo €586.00

Benefits Visually attract passersby Influence customers decision directly at Point-of-Purchase Dynamic media for enhanced customer experience Intelligent Label for unlimited information Real-time content update Strengthens Brand and Retailers customer relationship locally   Static and dynamic content- Just run via Browser.- Centrally managed with Digital Signage Software- Stand-alone versions Standard module...

SyncTable 55" interaktyvus stalas

nuo €5,999.00

Sync Table with InGlass™   Sleek flush edge-to-edge with perfect visual clarity and multi-touch functionality U-Touch together with InGlass™ Technology offers market-leading touch performance and perfect optical clarity along with unique features such as pressure detection – at lower costs compared to other options. - Professional FullHD monitors - flat touch surface - pcap technology- PC not included- Table structure...

Samsung Mirror Display ML55E


AN EASY, REFLECTIVE PURCHASE Real Mirror-like Interactive Display with Vivid Content Playing HIGHLIGHT Mirror(transparency 90%, reflectivity 55%) with protective film Proximity sensor Seamless design Content scheduler FEATURES Sensory Interaction Samsung’s interactive mirror displays automatically sense when customers are approaching, and instinctively transition from traditional promotional signage to a clear mirror. Customers can visualize how a certain product...

FIDA Exentia EXK55s full outdoor digital totem

nuo €13,406.80

Exentia EXK55 IP55 lauko interaktyvus stendas gali veikti atvirose vietose, temperatūroje nuo -30 ° C iki + 45 ° C. Šis stendas yra atsparus lietui, sniegui ir dulkėms. Šis stendas ne tik pasižymi dideliu funkcionalumu, bet yra ir išskirtinio dizaino. Interaktyvus stendas turi išorinį šviesos jutiklį reguliuoti ekrano ryškumą pagal aplinkos...

LG 86BH5C ultrawide streched monitor - 86"


ULTRA HD RESOLUTION (3840 X 600) 58:9 EXTENDED WIDE FORMAT 4 DIVIDED PBP IN LANDSCAPE OR PORTRAIT MULTIPLE CONTENT CREATION ULTRA HD RESOLUTION (3840 X 600) Ultra HD large screens deliver an immersive viewing experience. 58:9 EXTENDED WIDE FORMAT Dynamic content is delivered on one screen since the new widescreen...

Fida Thile portretinis interaktyvus stendas

nuo €4,537.50

Perfect Italian Style Thile, a play on words between thin and style, to describe a perfect combination of technology and elegance; particularly suitable for applications in retail or any elegant location. The Thile Totem is available in various sizes, with or without touch screen and a rich set of useful accessories and options...

Fida Tactive Wayfinding interaktyvus stendas

nuo €7,199.00

Multifunctional Interactive Console, a perfect combination of technology, usability and design. Particularly suitable for multimedia applications where it is necessary to have added value to your communications, be it commercial, entertainment or educational. Tactive Console is available from 42" - 55" with standard ten-touches touchscreen and a rich set of...

SAMSUNG profesionalus ekranas QM105D - QM-D Series 105"


Naujausia UHD technologija padės įmonėms įtaigiau pateikti informaciją ir rodyti itin tikroviškus vaizdus. UHD taip pat suteikia įmonėms galimybę rodyti daugiau informacijos ekrane, kuris atkuria keturis kartus kokybiškesnį vaizdą nei FHD (visa aukštoji raiška). „Samsung“ QMD serijos ekranas „SMART Signage“ užtikrina nepriekaištingos kokybės ir itin tikrovišką vaizdą. Ekranas taip pat...